Thursday, August 21


My life is boring,
my life is shit.
A silver lining
where the fuck is it?

I haven't blogged cos I didn't want to bore you to death with tales of kids being on school holidays - six weeks - and me tiling and re-decorating the bathroom - three fucking weeks! I can't believe how long it took considering there was no plumbing involved (cos I'm not allowed to replace the avocado suite that belongs to my landlord) and the room itself is less than bloody spacious.

Still, I now have a half decent bathroom and less DIY* on my TDM** list than I had before so I guess that's progress of a sort.

I'm all peopled out as usual but more fuming than most times cos Bing sat next to me tonight and said 'I hear that you're all peopled out and I'll shut up and leave you alone' then proceeded to interrupt my poker game to talk about his own before laughing loudly and repeating lines from Red Dwarf and, to top it all off, sighing passive-aggressively when I showed displeasure at his wish to re-interpret the words I'd had no choice but to already hear from a mockney on a doer-upper car show that happened to have a land rover this week.

Will anyone, ever, shut the fuck up I wonder?

Before and after pics of my bathroom. I'm very proud of it, despite how long it took.

Before... dark green tiles falling off the wall due to being older than me.



*To Do My-fucking-self