Monday, April 28

May I?

I used to think quality over quantity. Lately I find myself in awe of bloggers like my lovely aussie mate Vi that find something interesting to write about on such a regular basis. I've never been the most prolific of posters but even I realise that I've lost the blog habit. Blabbit? I like that.

I miss it. Mentally speaking. I feel out of control in almost every aspect of my life and I have to wonder whether not spewing my guts to my keyboard has something to do with that. I'm not about to go into whether I feel I've lost my anonymity cos Bing reads or whether I'm writing for readers rather than myself, that's a post you can see on any other vanity page so why... oh, hang on, I know why... because it's something to blog about. Der!

A new month arrives on thursday so I'm launching a suitably named venture. Feel free to join me, I've got a snazzy tagline and a picture button thingy for your sidebar and everything, look!

Blog every day in May!

Like a pensioner on a new laxative it may not be merry but it will be regular.


Vi said...

ooooo, I'm gonna have to start saving up some posts to make that possible! I've slacked off myself recently. I know of least a dozen memes I've been tagged to still do, I'll make sure I'll tag you for all of them! lol

Oh, tonight, you're gonna have your own special badge for your side bar, when I bleeding get to post it!

having my cake said...

I look forward to reading more about life chez Ange x

EmmaK said...

Don't look at me love, my life is so bleeding boring I have to resort to profiling nutters who fuck tables or have wives made out of plastic. However, I also find that when i am happy i dont want to blog about myself..funny that!

Miss Tickle said...

Hope you're warming up Angie, wiggling those fingers... x

fwengebola said...

Blog every day in May? Pfft. I dare you.

Fat Controller said...

Brilliant idea Angie. I'm in!