Monday, July 14

Doing bird

In twelve hours time I'll be sitting on a plane next to Bing, hand in hand on our way to a lovely, adults only*, hotel in Turkey.

Being due to leave at 5pm Monday I of course decided to go out Friday night for dinner and a movie with sis then spent Saturday reading how-to-tile sites, shopping for plastic bags for hand luggage liquids, cleaning everywhere and hiding the contents of my, er, knicker drawer in preparation for ex-husband staying.

Sunday I attended a family christening and tiled my bathroom window recess. The adhesive needs 24 hours to set so the grouting and sealing will be done when I post this then I can cover it with something waterproof and have a lovely shower before leaving for the airport.

And then, I really should start the packing.

* As in no under 14s allowed, not as in hedonism or it's ilk.


Dazza said...

Have a good break!


Trixie said...

oooooo, you are sitting on the plane ready to take off as I type! (Well, I hope so!)

Have a great holiday!

Peach said...

hope you have a lovely time XXX

Midnight said...

Enjoy your break and make the most of the quality time together. I'm sure you will :-)

Meesha said...

Have a lovely time at the adults only hotel ;)

having my cake said...

You should be there by now and a nice shade of pink. Hope you're having a fab time x

Mr Pineapples said...

Angela this is all very interesting ...but why bother telling us this?

I mean

Are you interested in hearing that my neighbour mended my lawnmower this week?

Youre not?

Then why not?

Cos it's not too different from the rubbish you are putting on this blog.

We have to maintain some sort of standards you know

fwengebola said...

You'll be banging each other senseless, then.

Have fun!

Ms Robinson said...

Well if it isn't THAT sort of break then they shouldn't call it adult since blog readers like me get confused and are likely to think you are going to write THAT sort of post and then we leave.

Ariel said...

Aw... sounds lovely, all the more as I appear to have missed a few episodes and indeed the arrival of a new character on the scene. Perhaps I have been asleep for the last few months. Anyway, glad you have found a human replacement for the rabbit...
Oh, and Mr Pineapples, just fuck off will you.