Wednesday, July 9

Procrastinating pain?

No 1 Son has gone to bed.

Bing has gone to bed.

I'm two hours into a dose of paracetomol plus and a good way down a bottle of brandy.

The instruction leaflet didn't have proper, tested timing for my 800w microwave so I did some quick mental arithmetic and watched closely for signs of explosion.

I carefully carried the pot to where I had laid out a newspaper (bought specially as I read all my news online these days, darling)

Stirring the heated wax carefully with the special spatula that is not only ergonomical but has a section that says No! if the wax is too hot, I take a deep breath, embrace the task in hand (well, in leg actually, but you know what I mean), pull a cigarette from my pack and light it...

at the wrong end.

Is this a sign that I should go back to shaving?


Trixie said...

Or maybe not wax after half a bottle of brandy!

EmmaK said...

if you're going to wax I think you have to go to a salon otherwise it's going to end in tears. Drunken waxing. What did the results look like? patchy?

having my cake said...

LMAO. I think self waxing should be listed along with other methods of solo abuse!

I have today invested in the new Braun epilator. It was £90 but I can recoup that by doing my legs myself 4 times. They promise it's less painful than the older epilating models. I shall keep you posted.

Mr Farty said...

...and that's why men don't wax. Ow!

Angela-la-la said...

It wasn't painful.

But it wasn't good, either.

I'm going back to Veet, at least I can do that when I'm sober!