Tuesday, September 9

When the world ends

This song seems appropriate, I think. The video isn't great but you just listen while you read, the lyrics are great and Dave Matthews voice is lickable.

It's tomorrow, apparently. End of the world. We're all doomed. What a pain in the arse!

Obviously the whole humanity dying out thing, but moreso because not only have I just done up the lounge...

Forget No 1 Son and the dog auditioning for Strictly Canine Dancing, check out the skilled wallpapering!

and tarted the bathroom up, but Bing and I built a home office for his solitude (and my sanity).

Yeah, it's a shed. But this was early, it's got wi-fi, electric, a heater and even a kettle now!

So I was looking forward to going back to college next week, you know, for a rest. And I've just finished meticulously planning to scale how to rip up my crappy lawn and create a massive island bed of year round personal floristry supplies. Organic and everything! Bugger you bloody scientists.Bugger blogger too, with your manky formatting that I can't be arsed to fix cos we may all be dead soon anyway and I have a lunch date with my sister in an hour!

It's not all bad though. I've rearranged delivery of the new sofas to wednesday evening. I absolutely refuse to see the world end while I'm in the middle of a Chuckle Brothers "to me - to you" scene.
Oh well...

Delete the following as applicable on thursday:

Goodbye, cruel world!/Well, that was a load of fuss for nothing wasn't it?


Trixie said...

I'm hoping for the latter!

Girl, you better start blogging more often now!

having my cake said...

Those physicists that know these things reckon that we'll only find out if the world has ended in about 16 years... Something to do with the speed of light and black holes... or something... I failed Physics.

I hope that office can double as a nuclear bunker - just in case that gets us first :)

Mr Farty said...

You mean the world's about to end? Why wasn't this announced on the news?


Nice shed.

Meesha said...

Yes, I agree with trixie!

Ariel said...

Ah. I thought it was going to be in 2012 so is the end of the world 4 years early? Oh, here we are several days later and it hasn't happened. It must have been a slow news day for some hacks... *snort*

Complex Girl said...

Good job I got a post in quick then! It's only taken me two months after all... :-/

Great job of the tiling!! You go girl! And laughing my arse off at the dog skidmark post! Thought you might need reminding :-)

Ciao! For now, or ever...? x

Midnight said...

No 1 son shouldn't be dancing with dogs when he is looking so dapper!

Looks like you've been way too busy to blog lately, but keep us informed on the end of the world thing. I'd like to spend the last day in bed shagging if it's going to happen and any excuse will do!